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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


This was an old flea market desk that I painted pink for my daughter but she wanted it little more exciting so here it is. The chair was a curbside falling apart piece that my bro in law got for me. Tightened, replaced seat, painted and reupholstered.

AG doll wardrobe

Shelf makeover


Coffee table

I wanted a pottery barn distressed coffee table so just took our old one and sanded, painted, distressed and restrained the top.

Shelf makeover

I don't have a before on this one but was just old shelf I redid for my niece's birthday

Picture makeover

My friend gave me this because the frame was broken. I fixed the frame and repainted it in satin nickel finish, took the print out and repainted black and added circle design.


I got this thing for a steal. Was in perfect condition so just sanded and painted w an awesome valspar turquoise for my oldest.


This thing was disgusting. Got for $2 at flea market. Sanded and painted for My daughter's room w the colors and design she requested.

Dresser redo

This was for a friend's daughter. Took me forever to do it because it was hot summer. Sanded, painted, new knobs and few embellishments. One of my favorites!

Donation doll crib

Scrap wood frames

I've done so many of these now. A lot of construction going on around us and all i grab all kinds of discarded wood pieces. Here's one thing I've been doing w them. So many possibilities!!

Letter paint

For a friend's daughter

Bulletin board

More glitter shoes

Little one needed some cute Christmas shoes so mod podge and glitter - turned out cute

Picture turned chalkboard

My oldest loves chalkboards. I had these two old lady pictures, not sure where they came from. Painted the frames, bordered w ribbon and painted chalkboard paint

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shelf Before/After

I did this and a dresser for a friend ( will post that next) and I hope she forgives me because it has taken me almost all summer!  It was however the hottest summer in history so really couldn't get outside and work much.  Anyway her daughter has brown/pink themed bedroom so painted this shelf white w/detail and added wood decal in place of the cutout heart at top :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Canvas Headboard

This is the second time this canvas has had a makeover.  First it was twine covered and hung above tv, but we moved and no longer had need for it.  Middle child needed a headboard and it just so happened to be the perfect size to go above a full bed.  So I just got two yards of fabric, stapled to the back, glued on trim  and hung on the wall.  Super easy!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Curbside Dresser

This one is still a work in progress but had to go ahead and post it. Gross old curbside dresser beside Jen's work.  she called and told me about it, and I happened to be near there on that blazing hot summer day, with only ONE kid for a change!  See it, look over, go to door and super tall guy comes out.  I ask if it is trash, he says yes.  Ask if I could have it, says yes again and got even luckier when he offered to help me load it up.  Despite Ashlee's "why is this man in our car" rant, it was easy and got it home wiith Jordan helping me unload it.  After summer heat subsided, sanded down, painted white and added mismatched knobs. Haven't gotten a drawer built for the middle missing one, but until then it's tutu covered.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chandelier Before and After

My parents were selling their house in TX and asked if I wanted this brass chandelier; of course I took it!  Had it for a few months before deciding what to do with it.  Was asked to donate a charity event item and thought the chandelier would work.  Found these lollipop foot scrubbers at the dollar store--yeah, the words foot scrubber and lollipop should NEVER go together!!!  Doubting I'll ever eat a sucker again. :)  Anyway painted it purple, de-wired it, ribbon embellished and the lollipops were the perfect fit on top of the wiring after taking off the candle sleeves.  Hope it does well at the auction!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Nightstand Makeover

Friend Elizabeth had this off white chest of her grandmother's and wanted it blue like the vanity in my room.  I painted it Krylon Ocean Blue, distressed it a bit, then added black glaze with a little bit of honey pine stain on top of that.  Switched knobs to crystal and put a clear coat on it. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Garage Makeover

Decided Paul needed a man room for his Christmas present, so while he was out of town I had the walls and floor painted.  Our friend Joey hooked up the TV and I put a bar, popcorn machine and heater out there. He was surprised and happy!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Big Girl Bed

So sad that my last little baby is now in a big girl bed!!  Sniff. :(  Ok not really.  Admit to being fine with being past the baby stage. Anyway our friends Jen and Joey gave us this daybed of their daughter's, which was black.  Painted it this cute lime green , found bedding at my favorite store TJ, and made a tulle bedskirt for it.  Took DAYS of tying, looping, stretching etc. But I am happy with it and she loves it! :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wooden Door Ornament

I had seen a wreath with a small wooden circle painted as an ornament and decided I wanted to do a really large ornament decoration.  So I found a $2 discarded tabletop at Goodwill and painted this design and added our name.  I cut an ornament hanger out of cardboard and painted it black, glued it on; done.  30 minute project!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Glitter Shoes

I had these old black heels stashed in the Goodwill pile, and decided to get them out after seeing a glitter shoe tutorial on a blog.  I was skeptical that it would work but tried it anyway.  Mixed the glitter until I got a color I liked and put mod podge in it, mixed it up and put it on the shoes. After about 8 hours here is the after result.  And it doesn't come off at all.  Loved them at Christmas!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Latest Redos

Gave a facelift to the cross and wrought iron for a friend, and the pumpkins are painted on the other side by the girls; the backside was still plain so painted other side and used for a Halloween party.